Return of packaging



We like our dark purple glass packaging! 

We like them so much, we agreed that "they are too nice to throw them away".

We are socially responsible, we support recycling and upcycling.

Therefore why we have a proposal for you. You can send us the packaging of your Jan Barba products (or give them to us at the fair).

We know that it requires your effort (you have to pack it, post it, etc.), so in return, on your next purchase, we offer:

Free shipping in Poland

1-2 our glass bottles/jars 5% discount

3-5 - 10% discount

5+ - 15% discount

After receiving the packaging, we will send you a unique discount code, directly to your email address provided, which you will be able to use for your next purchase.

In case we meet at the fair, the discount will simply be deducted from your purchase.

Please secure the packaging for shipping, for example, with old newspapers.

Discounts cannot be combined

Shipping address:

Jan Barba - Bartosz Puzio

Cybulice Małe, ul. Wesoła 37

05-152 Czosnów

Please contact for any queries.