Not for Everyone

It is not our goal to create products like all others - with features suited to the taste of many, similar to cosmetics from drugstores, only to increase sales, with lack of character, bland and limited in precious components to the minimum so that they can only be mentioned in advertising. Not flashy, not guided by fashionable ingredients but simple, classic, traditional, timeless, rich in real values.
Although all cosmetics are handmade by Bart and their characteristics depend on his decisions, he has an absolute impact on their performance, features such as scent, colours and consistency depend entirely on nature itself. Nature as it is known does not meet the demands of people, she is guided by her own rights, always finds a way. Nature is what we believe in.
Jan Barba cosmetics are free of "coloured" products, just for a visual effect, devoid of natural density nor artificially flavoured.

We can guarantee NATURE and KNOWLEDGE.

That is why our products are Not for Everyone