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We are a small, independent manufactory of truly natural cosmetics, created by Marta and Bartosz. Although the company was established recently, it is the result of many years of passion. Created from scratch and study, it reached a level when we thought we were ready to show you the effects of our work. All our products have been developed for over 2.5 years of hard work, past sources, decisive "NO" to chemical substitutes, simplifications. Because we do not see anything wrong in shaking the cream before use, if you can avoid synthetic emulsifiers, after doing such simple hand movements, you are just discovering the oldest emulsification method.




„In search of helth and beauty, what you put on your skin is as much important as what you eat.”
- Paul Obis, Editor and Publisher, Vegeterian Times

Natura (Latin): nature, universe, world, organs of the body, blood relationship, substance, essence, element, quality.


Nature has always played an important role in the history of the world, and especially in the development of medicine and the development of body care products and perfumes. Aristotle has already advised the young Alexander the Great to conquer the territories where Aloe Vera is growing in excess, because of its healing effect. In the 17th century Sir Robert Talbot, the Royal Physician to King Charles Stuart, gained recognition as he specialised in natural medicine and, unlike other physicians at the time, he did not drop the blood of patients, but used herbal mixtures instead.

At the beginning of the 19th century, 80% of all medicines and cosmetics were made from roots, bark and leaves. Today it is a fraction of a percent in the most herbal-sounding cosmetics. We are surrounded by synthetic chemistry and artificial objects and substances. Such chemical substances are even present in food, where only a very small percentage of available food in stores is free of artificial additives. Therefore completely natural products, cosmetics, are a true privilege, which we provide to our customers,    




The word "cosmetic" derives from the Greek word "cosmos" introduced and defined by Pythagoras in 550 AD. as the order of the universe, which can be expressed in every aspect of human existence. If we consider this word in its oldest and most precise meaning, it means the beautification of a man, or a woman, in speech (rhetoric) and music (perfection of harmony).
We rarely think of cosmetics in such extreme values, but the close correlation of appearance with our visual harmony was obvious to the ancient Greeks, and earlier, to the ancient Egyptians. To be physically beautiful meant being in harmony with the universe, as our physical beauty represents in the miniature "cosmos". If we strive for perfection, we are in harmony with the universe. The highly synthetic look promoted by today's cosmetics industry introduces into our lives the "chaos" and not the "cosmos" of our being. We believe in harmony with nature because it is a great simplification of looking at nature as being separate from human; We are all part of nature.





„World is not a piece of fragmented subjects to study but part of whole universe, which human is a part as well as a whole”
- Hermann Hesse
We deem animal testing as torture and murder. This method is ineffective and does not provide ample evidence that the test substance is safe for humans, or other use. Animal testing is not only inhumane, immoral, and unscientific, but it is also the lowest form of selfishness.


Our priority is to create 100% natural cosmetics without synthetic additives.


We make every effort to ensure that all our products are made from non-GMO ingredients and do not contain any GMO additives.


All our products are manufactured in Poland.

Our actions are guided by three principles:
- SIMPLICITY - because we believe that we are continually overwhelmed by endless choices and dilemmas. We have created simple cosmetics, corresponding to each skin, which can balance it, give it brilliance, cherish.
- QUALITY - we always describe our products truthfully, never hiding any ingredient, described in English, and internationally recognised INCI.
- AVAILABILITY - we want to deliver luxury products at a reasonable price to ward off the dilemma in the consumer world at the store shelf - quality and price.

All our products are packed in the highest quality glass containers produced in the Netherlands.

We only use dark violet glass. It is a guarantee that you receive a complete product that is protected at every stage, from bio-based, unrefined and cold-pressed oil, through the production and original methods of extracting herbal essences to packaging and hitting your shelf. We want to assure that no element, nor ingredient will be diminished in its effect, without compromise, without shortcuts. Therefore, we put so much attention into the packaging.

We have long been looking for suitable packaging for our products by contacting manufacturers in Poland, Italy and the Netherlands. Looking for minimalism, quality, and common ideas in our, and their, actions. After months of painstaking search, we have found manufacturers of dark purple glass packaging. The company worked on the colour of glass for 7 years, in a small factory in Slovenia, producing every bottle by hand. Finally, by introducing the current product in 1991.

Dark violet glass provides unparalleled protection for the contents. Its mystery lies in the length of light that penetrates through the glass (720 - 770 Bio Herz) permanently activating and energising the molecular structure and health properties of the detained substance.


fot. Magdalena Toczek
fot. Magdalena Toczek


They met at the end of the hot July 2015 during an Italian Language course, 72 Marszałkowska Street in Warsaw, but it was not until mid-August when they started talking. At their first "return from classes", as they walked through alleys of Park Saski, Marta asked:

"What do you do?"

"Natural cosmetics ..."

Answered Bartosz. Marta, an avid vegetarian who has long been scrupulously concerned about food and cosmetics ingredients, happily like a child clapped her hands and added, what later seemed quite idiotic:

"So natural that you can eat them?"

Then they did not know they would want to spend the rest of their life together and Marta would find the answer herself.

They connected not only due to their common interest in natural products, the search for the highest quality, the recognition or simplicity and minimalism, but also the taste of music and literature, the perception of design and architecture, perfectionism, and even the dreams of Warsaw of the 1920's and its colourful characters. No, this is not the story of a big romance, but rather the introduction to the rise of the company Jan Barba, the dream of two idealists. What differentiates them enriches each other in action.


fot. Magdalena Toczek

Bartosz's passion for creating unique cosmetic recipes and herbalism began in 2014 when he was still a student in the UK. The English weather was not Bartosz’s best friend, which resulted in hand skin issues. Products available on market were not helping, forcing him to look for a solution on his own. The very memory of his first attempts to try his products, brings a smile of sentiment. Before you can run, or even stand on your own, you have to start crawling. That was the case with Bartosz, spending every free moment learning about his new passion. He focused on searching for the right learning materials, then verifying against modern expert data. With the latest available research, over time, he acquired knowledge and ability to select ingredients based on place of origin, flowering time, or harvest time (the latter are incredibly important in cosmetics). Not to mention countless, parallel attempts, trials and errors.

His hard work paid off, as he developed a perfect recipe, mastering key elements of the process, creating few unique cosmetics. Bartosz’s ethos is to create simple cosmetics with advanced performance, as their simplicity results from their versatility.

Bartosz is a producer, he is sensible, calm, and careful in his decisions. He has a perfect ability to research and gather relevant information (if he does not find something, it simply does not exist), as well as rendering innovative solutions.


fot. Magdalena Toczek
fot. Magdalena Toczek

Marta is a Marketing and Business Psychology student. She is passionate about the colourful world of advertising and consumer behaviour. Since the beginning of her higher education, she decided she did not want to use her acquired knowledge to increase consumption, which is not the way to happiness as conveyed by the media today. She sees her studies as a tool to understand the modern market principles for conscious minimalist life.

Marta has no previous experience in cosmetics production, however the interest and passion about the market allows her to absorb everything about the natural cosmetics industry. Bartosz comments that her passion to the natural world is also enhanced by the fact she had the privilege to grow up near the nature of the Bug River landscape, one of the most natural regions in Europe. Marta is always there to help and support Bartosz, even if it is simple as "bring this, pass on this, hold that, or clean up" please. She finds a lot of fun to follow the whole process. Bartosz's stories often remind her of her childhood folktales about people living in the forest preparing secret potions, helping those in need. Although it all may seem magical, it is indeed true. The nature comes eternally with ready-made solutions, but it is up to us to know how to use them.

Marta is responsible for customer relations and social media, bringing an immense satisfaction and joy to see happy and satisfied customers.


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